Corporate Claims Management

Corporate Claims Management, Inc.

Corporate Claims Management, Inc. provides the risk management community with custom-tailored, high-quality claims administration services and risk management information systems designed to the unique specifications of each of our clients.

Our Services

Workers’ Compensation & Property/Casualty Third Party Claims Administration

    • We understand that every client’s needs are different. Our programs are designed to the client’s specifications
    • 25 years of experience in managing complex, high-dollar losses for private and public sector programs
    • Strict compliance ensures a consistent, quality claims product across all coverage lines
    • Immediate and on-going communication with risk managers throughout the claims investigation and resolution process
    • Turn-key claims cost mitigation services across all coverage lines designed to impact total incurred losses
    • Turn-key Medicare Secondary Compliance and Section 111 reporting services

Risk Management Information Systems

  • 250 custom-tailored, client-defined data elements allows drill-down to truly understand losses
  • Full ad-hoc report writing system to provide on-demand information
  • Access to real-time notes, payments and reserves

Spectrum for Clients

  • Complete web-based access to detailed claim information
  • Multiple manipulations, reports, charts and graphs are possible from a single query
  • True reporting independence with a full range of formatting features
  • Ability to share reports via email and the option of saving the data in PDF and Excel formats

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