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About Patriot National, Inc.

Patriot National, Inc. is a national provider of comprehensive technology and outsourcing solutions that help insurance companies and employers mitigate risk, comply with complex regulations and save time and money. Patriot National provides general agency services, technology outsourcing, software solutions, specialty underwriting and policyholder services, claims administration services and self-funded health plans to its insurance carrier clients, employers and other clients. Patriot National is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Our end-to-end portfolio of services enables our clients to increase business production, contain costs, reduce claims experience and reduce employment risk. We leverage our strong distribution relationships, proprietary business processes, advanced technology infrastructure and management expertise to deliver these value-added services that help our clients navigate the workers' compensation, property and casualty, and health plan administration, ensure compliance with state regulations, handle all aspects of the claims and program administration processes and ultimately contain costs.

We work with leading insurance carriers to design workers' compensation and other multi-line programs according to their preferred risk parameters and specifications. In turn, these customized insurance programs are marketed through our broad distribution network of more than 4,100 independent retail agencies. While we play a central role in the underwriting, production and administration process, revenue for our services is fee-based and we do not write any insurance policies or bear underwriting risk. To our insurance carriers and other clients such as employers, local governments and reinsurance captives, we also offer a full suite of additional services including claims administration and adjudication, cost containment, nurse care management, fraud investigation and subrogation services, and health plan administration.

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